Marketing Specialist


Undisclosed Salary

Job description

We are looking for a person willing to organize and conduct B2B marketing for a company creating software in the field of Lean Manufacturing.


This is a full-time, stationary job for a Marketing Specialist based in Dąbrowa Górnicza. The Marketing Specialist will be responsible for implementing marketing strategies, conducting market research, generating sales leads, providing excellent customer service, and communicating effectively with stakeholders.




- creating and publishing materials on social media (posts, animations, videos)

- creating and creating content on social media

- conducting marketing campaigns

- monitoring data from Google Analytics

- creating blog entries




- experience: 3-4 years

- excellent communication skills

- experience in market research and sales

- ability to develop and implement effective marketing strategies

- strong customer service skills




- creating and running campaigns on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)

- creating simple graphics, e.g. for social media posts (using e.g. Canva)

- running social media - regular posts

- creating Google Ads and Adwords campaigns

- implementing Google Analytics and using data from this tool

- knowledge of the basics of SEO/SEM and positioning

- knowledge of the rules of e-mailing

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